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 Luke M. Jantzi, BIS


Luke has been in the insurance and financial industry for over 35 years. He began his career in 1976, shortly before he and his wife, Eloise, were married. He working for a series of insurance companies through the 1970's. Luke started his own firm on January 4, 1980 with his offices located in downtown Galt. In 1986, Luke sold his general insurance business in order to concentrate on financial planning. Since then, his focus has been helping clients; to provide the correct insurance strategy for many families and businesses. He's found creative ways to pay down debt, to invest strategically and to increase wealth. Luke has shown value to many clients over his years as a financial advisor. Most of his clientele are long-standing clients and as well, friends.

Professionally, Luke’s accomplishments attest to his competency and good standing. He has 99.8% persistency with his clients, he is a Top 10 producing agent in the past 10 years, and won many awards along the way. As a trainer of new agents in his earlier days, he quickly became a leader in his field. He’s been a keynote speaker for many seminars in industry groups. Also, he’s currently licensed in three provinces – Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. One of the aspects to Luke’s business, is that he works by his reputation. He deals with new clients that have been referred and passed onto him by existing relationships.

In his personal life, Luke is a man of great passion and action. The sports he’s been involved in and his Bible studying has shown this. He thoroughly enjoys watching and participating in hockey, football and now his recent favourite – boxing. He’s even fought in a couple of amateur matches. Also, he enjoys spending time with his large family and grandchildren. Eloise and him have 6 children - Erica, Ryan, Bradley, Amber, Jessica and Daniel. As well, they are all now married. Presently, Luke and Eloise enjoy eight beautiful granddaughters and four grandsons, with one baby on the way. Truly, family time is very important the both of them.


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 Eloise Jantzi


Eloise is a very key component to the Jantzi Financial Team. She has been assisting Luke for over 30 years, helping with group insurance sales, tax planning and customer service. Also, Eloise is licensed. Her knowledge is vast in general business and industry-specific concerns, and she is an invaluable asset to our planning division.

She is a mother to their six children and she spent their early years staying at home with them. Once they were a little older, she helped in the office and her career took off from there.

On a personal level, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and being at their second home in Goderich. Both are a true delight to her. When she gets to enjoy both at the same time, she is overwhelmed. Eloise also likes birdwatching at her Goderich house, a pastime she's inherited from her father.


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 Jessica Stevens


Jessica has been working with Luke and Eloise since September 2000. She finished high school through correspondence and began working in the office as a secretary. She has been around for many years, learning the business as well as all the clients. She began her involvement in accounting and consulting work for clients back in 2001 and is skilled in most major accounting softwares. Also, she oversees the income tax preparation and customer service in the office.

Jessica juggles her time between tax files, accounting clients, and raising her three children (son not pictured here). She is also the Nursery Coordinator at her church, overseeing both the Infant and Toddler Nurseries. She has helped there for many years and enjoys it very much. On her days off, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, nieces, nephews, and the rest of her family.


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 Rachel Jantzi


Rachel joined the Jantzi Financial Team in the spring of 2005. She had concluded her time at college and quickly moved into the workforce. She has been a tremendous benefit to our office. She began as an junior administrator who helped in the office with many important tasks. She was, for a long time, the friendly voice you heard on the phone when you call, and the warm face that you'd see when you stopped by. Rachel was the face to our customer service area, but has been on temporary medical leave. She has begun to spend a few hours at a time back in the office, and we are glad to have her around the office once again!

When she isn't caring for her son, Jack, Rachel loves to bake and make tasty appetizers, especially for other people. She is a spectacular artist when it comes to her food and presentation. She puts a lot of effort and care into her scrumptions creations.


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